My Portfolio

Below are some projects and assignments I have completed while obtaining my Business Marketing and Management degrees at the University of Nevada, Reno. I feel that these work samples showcase my academic drive and depth of knowledge in marketing and management subjects. If you would like to view these documents, please open them in Microsoft Word so you can see them as they were prepared.

Feasibility Study of Mike’s Hard Mango Punch in Jamaica

In my International Marketing class, I worked in a team to develop a feasibilty study and marketing plan for the introduction of Mike’s Hard Mango Punch to Jamaica. The report includes extensive research and analysis of Jamaica, uncovers all of the risks and benefits of doing business with the county, and provides a detailed analysis of Mike’s Hard Mango Punch and future marketing strategies that could be implemented in Jamaica.

AYA Healthcare – Workplace Burnout Research Proposal

In my Quantitative Management Systems class, I interviewed the Human Resources Department at AYA Healthcare to determine issues that were present with employees at the company. After the interview, I determined that workplace burnout was one of the biggest issues with the company and I developed a research proposal to measure this. The research proposal contains a background of the company, a research strategy and the timing that was necessary to implement it, the survey to be given to all of the employees, and a method for interpreting the results of the survey for management. This research proposal is ready to be given to the company and implemented if they desired to do so.

Intersate Fair Survey Analysis

In my Marketing Research class, I analyzed a state fair survey and interpreted the results from the respondents using SPSS Statistical Software. The interpreted resutls contain graphs to show the data, visual diagrams, and access the overall effectiveness of the state fair survey.

International Management -Chile Report

In my International Management class, I worked in a team to develop a full report on the country of Chili. This report includes an analysis of the government, economic structure, national culture, currency, comparisons with other countries, a cost-benefit-risk analysis of doing business there, and recommendations for American companies that wish to do business in Chili in the future. I played a very large roll in the creation of this report and personally edited the entire document.

Mediums and Values in Communication in the Workplace – Research Project

In my Effective Business Communication class, I worked in a group to complete a full business report on mediums and values in communication in the workplace. We conducted primary research, analyzed the research, reported on our findings, drew conclusions, and made hypothetical recommendations to management based on what we found.

Organic Food Research Paper

During one of my first college English classes, I was asked to write a report on something I was passionate about. I chose to compare organic foods with inorganic foods, and I think this is where my passion of nutrition started. In this report, you will be able to see my writing style, my knowledge about food, and my research regarding which type of food is really better for you in the long run.


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