Social Media is Customer Service

Social media is a big deal, but did you know it was reshaping your business? We all have our strengths and expertise in different industries (fitness, food, shoes, etc. ) but thanks to social media, we are now all in the exact same industry whether we realize it or not… Customer Service. 

Don’t believe me? Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk has had a large impact in the social media world, and I think this is one of his best social media speeches so far.

No matter what you think you do, every person in this room will be in the customer service business.

People listen to you… Recognize how special that is.

How are you going to scale those interactions? I’m going to TRY.

We loved them because they loved us first.

With sites like Yelp!, Trip Advisor, Urban Spoon and customers “whipping out their phones with purpose,” reviews can make or break a business and the businesses that are making it are the ones that have realized it is all about the customer. As customers, we LOVE companies that show they love us too (Lululemon recalling pants that don’t meet customer expectations, Nike catering its gear to you, Zappos excellent customer service, etc.). Notice how these are the brands and companies that have some of the most loyal and devoted customers? They didn’t get this love simply with luck though. They put in the love first by never spamming their online followers and having a transparent/open company. They also built this relationship by using social media only as a way to connect with their customers.

Too often, companies are only interested in things they can measure…. How many people clicked on your Facebook link, how many followers do you have, did sales increase when we promoted that product… but as Gary points out, customers don’t care about your numbers and you can’t measure connections. They care about how much REAL effort you put into the relationship with them and if you are giving more than you get. Companies are underestimating caring.

We are living in a word of mouth world, and companies need to start caring or they are going to lose. 


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