So, you own a gym?


Social media can make or break any business in today’s society, especially when it comes to new businesses figuring out how to get customers in the door and talking about your business. This is especially true for the fitness industry, specifically gyms. There are so many of them within driving distance, and in theory they all offer the same thing, so how do you distinguish yourself when you aren’t a large franchise but you still have a ton to offer? I’m going to provide some tips from a recent article I found, along with my social media knowledge, that can help any new gym or existing gym that is taking the necessary social media plunge.

1. Its all about the greeting

The very first thing your customers should see is what you can offer them! Post pictures of your gym, classes you offer, and some of your amazing trainers using the equipment right on the top so it is the first thing customers see. Also, remember to keep everything inspirational and motivational because your customers want to work out at a place that makes them feel inspired and capable of accomplishing their fitness dreams.

2. Don’t forget to write

Even though you’re starting your journey in the fitness industry, a major portion of the social media world is blogging so there is no getting out of it. Blogs will allow people to follow you, see your extensive fitness knowledge, and share your information with their friends via the RSS feature. When you blog about your fitness secrets, nutrition rules, great healthy recipes, and keep your followers updated on the fitness industry news, you are sure to give them everything they want and show them how invested you are.

3. Show ’em what you’ve got

Use social media to show your customers every single thing your gym has to offer. From the machines, to the group training rooms, to the showers, to the trainers and their specialties. Make sure that your customers can see all of these photos in one place and they are inspired by them. If your gym looks fun in pictures, it will definitely bring in more customers.

4. Rope them in

Give your customers directions from their door to yours. Google maps will allow you to star your location on a map for your website, and it will give customers the opportunity to type in their location for exact directions from their door to yours.

5. Check your status

Bad reviews on sites like Yelp! can absolutely destroy your business if you don’t stay on top of them, so read them! Respond to the those that give you poor reviews (yes, it will happen), apologize, and fix whatever was done wrong. You could also consider giving them some sort of free pass so they can come back and have a better experience with your gym.

6. Listen closely

Through social media and online reviews, customers will ALWAYS tell you what they want, you just have to look for it. In order to succeed, you need to give them what they want and know that ignoring them is never the option.

7. U P D A T E

Probably the most important tip is keeping your social media updated. It will allow your customers to grow with you and it will show that you care about your online appearance. Your social media needs to be updated just like your gym!


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