Tweet to Get Fit?

Social Media has completely reshaped our lives, but would you believe that it has also reshaped how we lose weight and stick with our fitness goals?

Well, it has!

tweet tweet

A study from the University of South Carolina recently revealed that using Twitter could actually help you lose weight because it gives you a support group and accountability system, and I couldn’t agree more! Social media gives us the opportunity to always be connected and share our lives, even if we are alone. Now, we have the opportunity to check in at the gym, tweet about our workouts, post progress pictures, and be part of an online fitness community that will support us in our journey. Don’t believe me? Here are just a few examples of people talking about Anytime Fitness on a Monday night:

In just 5 hours, you can see tweeted articles from Anytime Fitness, people beginning their fitness journeys, motivational tweets, and people looking for workout partners. This motivation is not limited to gyms and Twitter though. With the use of hash tags and social media, fitness moves and motivation are becoming global.

On Instagram, you can document your progress through pictures, follow inspirational companies and personal trainers who are constantly posting motivational pictures and clean recipes, and find people with goals similar to yours all over the world. Like Twitter, Instagram also uses hash tags to globally expand fitness trends. Below you will see a picture from Instagram Fitness that was hash tagged with the popular “partner stunt” trend.

As the study pointed out, this motivation is contagious. Since it shows up right on our phones, it makes it personal and it feels like it’s for everyone.  So not only are you receiving the kind of support from followers that you need to keep going and an accountability system so you don’t slip up, but you are also constantly seeing inspirational people doing things that you can do too.


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