Create Yourself

At some point in life, we all get a little lost. We get so caught up in our daily activities (work, school, significant others, chores, etc.) that for brief periods we forget who we are and what makes us happy. The key to life isn’t trying to go back and find who you once were before you felt lost though, it is the ability to create yourself again and find your new passions. Like our mind and bodies, our passions will change with time. We will grow out of phases, try things that we may be horrible at, or find things that will stick with us forever, but as long as we are searching and enjoying ourselves along the way, that is all that matters.  You may be asking yourself “If we are searching for our passions, aren’t we still lost?” Yes, but who cares? As long as you are out there trying to reinvent yourself, I promise you will accidentally stumble across what you have been searching for.

Even if you aren’t at a place where you would consider yourself “lost,” you still need to keep reinventing yourself and not letting yourself get complacent. So how do we do that? Take a cooking class, try new recipes, travel, say yes more, try new workouts, play a new sport, join a club, do something you have never done before, and most importantly- do things for YOU.

We have all heard the Latin phrase “Carpe Diem” which means seize the day, but upon returning home from my semester abroad, I have made it my goal to Carpe the hell out of this Diem, and every day. So come along my journey with me as I explore the world and find my passions.

Carpe the hell out of this diem.

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